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Product Learning Series-the best desk organizer Stationery Holder Wire Mesh Organizer, Mesh Office Supplies

2023-07-23 21:08:17 MetInfo 5

Today, I studied Stationery Holder related wire mesh organizer products. For Stationery Holder products, in addition to products that are more familiar to everyone, such as pencil holder for student desk, mail holder for desk, wall desk organizers,single pen holders, etc.

I also learned the size and functions of several office supplies related to hanging, such as hanging desk organizer, hanging pencil cups, wall hanging pen holders, wall mounted pen holders, etc.

I used to have some understanding of the small paper holder for desk on the desk and I am familiar with it, but for some hanging pencil cup, wall pencil holder, hanging pencil holder products,

I still have a deeper understanding today. And when I learned today, a colleague's customer happened to need hanging pen holder products, so I also learned some knowledge of customer service through him.

However, when learning the common words of Stationery Holder products today, I also have some doubts. For example, the names of some products in Stationery Holder are similar to the names used in the classification of pen holders, such as pencil pot, unique pen holders, cute pencil cup,

When communicating with customers, which word do I use better? Do these products represent the same product? I need to continue learning.

There is another piece of news that pleases me today. When chatting, a colleague from the sales department said that although there was an epidemic recently, new and old customers of the company have successively received new orders.

I heard that our order did not affect the order volume due to the epidemic situation. I am also very happy and full of confidence in my new place of work.