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The future development analysis of The best mesh office supplies

2023-07-23 21:20:44 MetInfo 11

     Recently, the industry has selected the “Top Ten Desk Accessories Brands in China”. In my opinion, the recognition of the so-called “Top Ten Desk Accessories Brands” is limited to dealers and retailers in the stationery industry. For people, they may only know products such as mesh desk organizer, desk traydesktop magazine holderpencil holderletter holder for desk, etc.

There is no concept of a brand at all, and while the industry continues to advance, we should also see the deficiencies in our brand operations. The situation of "the peers are enemies" seems to have changed in all walks of life in the past few years, because the market is constantly regulated as competition tends to be equal.

Funding, strength, and other platforms are no different. This is no longer an age of "personal heroes." The personal myth of the Internet is slowly diminishing, and it is the same for companies.

     The awareness of “teamwork” is an indisputable consensus among all large and small companies today. However, there has been no breakthrough in the office stationery industry until now, because the owners of this industry use their own long time. Ability to make the enterprise bigger and stronger step by step,

Whether it is a deli group that is good at production or emerging production, the retail giant Dalian Sam Interntional is a typical private enterprise, and it is the production of iron net products, metal desk organizer, metal tiered tray, mesh magazine file holder, fancy pen holder,desktop letter organizer sales do up.

      "Competition and cooperation" has now become the most advanced stage of competition. With multi-win as the starting point, we will jointly build a powerful new platform by using everyone's technology, funds, and channels. The new economy should return to competition at a higher level. The rapid exchange of information and the increasingly updated technology,

Network openness enables different competitors to return to the same starting point in a certain field to a certain extent. At the same time, as a universal tool and carrier, the Internet is spreading so fast that people 10 years ago would never have imagined. For example, through competition and cooperation, the company now develops products such as mesh desk organizer, metal trays, metal magazine stand, mesh pencil cups,mail holder for desk, etc. It was quickly known by the market.

      Therefore, if a company wants to obtain market recognition and more resources with the least cost, it will need the company's strong backing support, including the company's economic strength, innovative technology, top-level services and many other factors.

It is difficult for a single company to slowly accumulate in such a fierce market. Therefore, cooperation is needed and the advantages and disadvantages need to be complemented.

     On the other hand, competition among modern office stationery companies is becoming more and more fierce. Not only is the threshold low, but the prices of wire desk organizer, black metal tray, magazine holder wire, pencil holder,wire mail holder and other products are becoming more and more transparent. More and more homogeneous, two or more companies in the same industry often have common opponents.

Especially those companies with relatively small market shares, if they do not unite, they are likely to be defeated by a large company one by one.

      Competitors do not necessarily cooperate with each other to confront another opponent. This kind of cooperation is due to the common interests of the industry. The cooperation between Dalian Sam Interntional factory and other factories is the best example.

In Mainland China, the combination of strong forces can have a good complementarity to our products.

      The "competition phenomenon" is a natural product of economic development to a certain level, and it can also be said to be the final result of a certain degree of competition. It represents the standardization of technological development and market order, and will enter a higher level.

At the same time, abandoning or squeezing out the competitors that have not entered or just entered the competition circle in the same industry, turning opponents into partners will be the way for future corporate competition, and no one will doubt its correctness.

(1) Several key points to achieve competition

     In the increasingly fierce competition in the office supplies industry, stationery companies can no longer continue to achieve the goal of sustainable and stable development with the idea of grabbing the cake a few years ago. The cake is limited (150 billion in China), and the annual growth is also stable.

    How to make the cake of the entire industry bigger has been in front of every business decision maker. Some companies have realized that it is unrealistic to make the cake bigger by themselves. As a result, strategic alliances appeared between competing companies and the upper and lower industrial chains,

   Cooperative activities such as bundling sales, joint bidding, manufacturing outsourcing, OEM sales, and joint development. In this regard, we have also made some adjustments. For example, in order to achieve product diversification, we have also invested in some factories of similar products to achieve product complementarity and increase categories.

   For details, you can also view our company's website, which has detailed explanations on wire mesh desk organizer, wire desk tray, steel magazine holder, pencil holders,desk letter holder and other products.

   When competition among enterprises is fierce, there will be different aspects in which we are better than you are, and you are better than others. At this time, companies will slowly unite, learn from each other's strengths, and each develop their own areas of advantage, so as to achieve a win-win situation for the entire industry chain from manufacturers to distributors to retailers and finally customers.

The main methods include mergers and acquisitions, mutual purchases, and joint ventures.

The three key points to achieve the competition are:

   1. There is no competition for shared technologies or products in their respective advantageous market areas.

   2. The strength and scale of the two parties should not be too different.

   3. The leading products or market areas of the cooperation should preferably belong to different fields and have their own space.

(2) The main types of alliances

There are many forms of strategic alliances, mainly as follows:

      1. Including the alliance of stationery manufacturers. For example, we operate mesh desk organizer, desk tray, desktop magazine holder, pencil holder, letter holder for desk products. We built and expanded new factories through capital and technology integration. After the alliance, factories competed The power has become significantly stronger, and the number of orders has also increased significantly.

     2. It is a strategic cooperation between channel vendors and manufacturers. This kind of strategy is relatively simple.

     3. It is between dealers and dealers. Our factory has also conducted in-depth cooperation with dealers through several special products.

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