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Product Sharing Series-pen holders(the best mesh office supplies)

2021-09-14 11:41:35 MetInfo 9

     About mesh office supplies, i will share the characteristics of the factory's pen holder products. The pen holder is a relatively conventional product, and it is also a product with a relatively large order volume.

The materials of pen holders are divided into many kinds, refer to the following
    ·rubber pen holder
    ·glass pen holder
    ·leather pen holder
    ·plastic pencil holder
    ·wood pen holder
    ·belt pen holder
    ·ceramic pencil holder
    ·crystal pen holder
    ·wood pencil cup
    ·bamboo pen holders

    We produce metal pen holders. If you have pen holders on your desk, you will experience the following benefits.
        1.Your desktop will be clean and tidy
        2.Everything is within your reach
        3.You will take less time to find the files you want
        4.You will have a more regular life
        5.You will have a good mood every day
        6.You will improve your work efficiency

At the same time, if you put our products on your office, then you want to experience the comfort of our products
  1. Easy to Assemble - No any extra tools needed to assemble this desk organizer, and it helps with storing stacks of paper that were scattered everywhere. Good for separating different items such as labels, invoices, documents,etc. so that they weren't all in one pile. For example:table pen holder,drawer storage box,drawer box packaging
  2. Can be pulled and placed, according to the office space, how much data to place, targeted disassemblyExtra Large Space - Consist of 4 tier letter trays and 1 sorter, this organizer has a large enough space for holding desk files, papers, file folders or any other desktop things, giving you a tidy environment, making everything at your handy. For example:document organizer, small parts organizer.
  3. Stylish and Elegant - Black mesh construction with powder coat finish making it stylish and elegant, not only a good solution for organizing desktop accessories, but also a nice decoration, perfect for home, office and school, for example: metal mash pen holder, metal mash holder.
  4. Strong & Sturdy - Perfect for office organization. Easy to set up and stirdy. Excellent and neat way to keep papers that are pending accessible.

    The characteristics of the factory's pen holders have been shared with everyone. In the future, we will also provide more detailed product sizes for pen holders, and further share the product details. If you want to know more products, you can also visit: