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Management Measures for the Use of Office Supplies

2024-07-10 09:48:25 MetInfo 9

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I: These regulations are formulated to better control office consumption costs and standardize the distribution, requisition, and management of office supplies for the group headquarters.

II: Requisition of Durable Office Supplies:

1.Durable office supplies include: telephones, calculators, staplers, file bars, file folders, pen holders, hole punches, scissors, paper cutters, rulers, staple removers.

2.Durable office supplies are issued to employees upon employment according to standard quantities and, in principle, will not be replenished. In case of damage or wear and tear requiring replacement, old items must be exchanged for new ones.

III: Requisition of Consumable Office Supplies:

1.Common Metal Products: File Folder, Display Book, Envelope, Expanding File, Document Folder, Album, Pencil Pouch, Handle Bag, Single Pocket Zipper Bag, Double Pockets Zipper Bag, Accessories

2.Common Plastic Products: Desk Organizer, Document Tray, Magazine Holder, Desk Set, Pen Holder, Letter Holder, Bookends, Business Card Holder, Clip Holder, Stationery Holder, Storage Trays, Storage Holders & Racks, Wastebasket, Umbrella Stand

3.Departmental supplies include: fax paper, carbon paper, printing paper, ink cartridges, toner, drum units, CDs, ink, binding clips, whiteboard markers.

4.Personal supplies include: ballpoint pens (and refills), ballpoint pens (and refills), pencils, notebooks, double-sided tape, scotch tape, glue, staples, paperclips, erasers, correction fluid, writing paper.

5.Refer to the attached table for the monthly consumption standards of commonly used consumable office supplies for each department. These standards are provisional and can be adjusted reasonably based on the average monthly usage.

6.By the 24th of each month, departments must fill out the Purchase Requisition Form for the following month (common consumable office supplies should not exceed the monthly usage standard), which will then be reviewed by the department manager, rechecked by the general manager or deputy general manager, approved by the director of the Human Resources Center, and finally submitted to the Procurement Department for unified procurement.

7.Issuance Time: The 15th of each month (if it falls on a holiday, it will be postponed). Generally, requisition procedures for office supplies will not be processed at other times.

8.Requisition Method: Departments must uniformly apply for and sign for office supplies from the office supply warehouse on the designated issuance date. If a department's requisition exceeds its demand plan, it must be approved by the director of the General Affairs Department before issuance.

9.Some office supplies (such as marker pens, watercolor pens, signature pens, whiteboard markers, ballpoint pen refills, ballpoint pens, correction fluid, various printer ink cartridges) follow the principle of exchanging old for new. When requisitioning fax paper, it must be exchanged for the middle sheets.

10.Computer consumables (mice, ink cartridges, printer ink toner, drum units, etc.) can only be requisitioned after being approved by the general manager and reviewed by the director of the General Affairs Department. Old items must be exchanged for new ones during requisition.

1.1Based on the principles of conservation and voluntariness, employees should try not to requisition or reduce their requisitions for items that are not essential. The company will commend employees who demonstrate outstanding thrift efforts.

IV: The requisition of other items not listed as durable or consumable office supplies shall be implemented in accordance with the company's relevant regulations.

V: These regulations shall be enforced from the date of issuance. In case of any conflict with previous regulations, these regulations shall prevail.