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Office Supplies Management Regulations

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To strengthen the management of office supplies usage, conserve expenses, and avoid waste, these management regulations are hereby formulated.

I. Classification of Office Supplies:

Common Metal Items: File Folder, Display Book, Envelope, Expanding File, Document Folder, Album, Pencil Pouch, Handle Bag, Single Pocket Zipper Bag, Double Pockets Zipper Bag, Accessories

Common Plastic Items: Desk Organizer, Document Tray, Magazine Holder, Desk Set, Pen Holder, Letter Holder, Bookends, Business Card Holder, Clip Holder, Stationery Holder, Storage Trays, Storage Holders & Racks, Wastebasket, Umbrella Stand

Controlled Items: Business Cards, File Folders, Lever Arch Files, Document Racks, Calculators, Staplers, Notebooks, Meeting Minute Books, Envelopes, Pen Stands, Fountain Pens, Whiteboard Markers, Watercolor Markers, Glue Sticks, Adhesive Tapes, Label Papers, Correction Liquids, Correction Tapes, Archive Boxes, Archive Bags, Rubber Bands, Blades, Pushpins, Clip Holders, Stamp Pads (Ink), Measuring Tools, Cutting Tools, Floppy Disks, CD-Rs.

Specially Approved Items (Not Subject to Office Supplies Expense Assessment): Printed Materials (various promotional flyers, forms, document headers, etc.), Financial Ledgers and Vouchers, Color Ink Cartridges and Printing Papers for Apple Computers, USB Drives, etc.

  II. Users of Office Supplies: Managers and above, functional and operational department staff, with specific approvals determined by each company.

III. Requisition and Procurement:

Common office supplies are requisitioned and stocked by the Human Resources and Administrative Department based on consumption.

Requisitions for controlled and specially approved items are initiated by the using department (or individual), approved by the respective General Manager for controlled items and the Chairman for specially approved items. Approved Requisition Forms are then submitted to the Procurement Center for purchase. Unreimbursed expenses will be denied for purchases made without a Requisition Form or without leadership approval.

IV. Management and Distribution:

Office supplies are centrally stored and managed by the Human Resources and Administrative Department, with a designated custodian. Supplies are issued to users according to the company's approved expense standards.

Purchased items are registered and inventoried by the custodian, who sets the unit price based on the purchase price, charges it to the respective department (or individual), and submits a Monthly Summary of Office Supplies Usage at the end of each month.

Each department should designate a person responsible for collecting office supplies.

V. Expense Allocation and Related Regulations for Departments:

Departments must strictly adhere to the headquarters-approved expense quotas for office supplies during requisition and issuance. The custodian must not exceed these quotas, except with the approval of the supervising leader for genuine work needs.

Expenses are adjusted for personnel changes (increases or decreases) by the Human Resources and Administrative Department.

Departments requiring additional expenses due to special circumstances must submit a written request, reviewed by the supervising leader, and specially approved by the General Manager, with a request to headquarters for increased funding.

Office supply usage is monitored monthly and settled annually, with deadlines at the end of each month and December 31st. Reports are issued by the Human Resources and Administrative Department and audited by the Finance Department. Overspending is deducted from the year-end bonus of the overspender, while savings are credited to the following year's budget.

Each company may determine its own usage standards for departments and individuals within the headquarters-assigned quotas.

VI. Other Regulations:

Departments must control and rationally use office supplies to prevent waste. Replacements for items like pen refills, ballpoint pen refills, glue, ink, correction liquids, and calculators must be exchanged for old ones.

Upon transfer or resignation, employees must return all issued office supplies (excluding disposables). Missing items must be compensated for at their full value, or relevant procedures will not be processed.

Consumables and maintenance costs for office equipment:

Standards for consumables and maintenance of computers, printers, copiers, fax machines, etc., are separately set by headquarters. Shared items are apportioned as per group headquarters' rules, while items used exclusively by departments or individuals are charged to their respective company's quota.