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The development of the best desk accessories manufacturers should get out of the four major misunderstandings as soon as possible

2020-10-26 19:27:10 zhangtq 4

[Desk accessories] For China’s desk accessories manufacturers, not only have to face long-term cruel competition, but also new signs of turbulence can be seen everywhere in recent years. Market pressure means that many stationery companies have to reform, and there are many more Stationery companies are also prone to misunderstandings when reforming management, which will have an adverse impact on the long-term development of the company.

Misunderstanding 1: Inexpensive bookends, the brighter the color, the better

In the current stage of development, colorful is an inevitable trend in the development of the industry, which not only conforms to the current consumer popularity index but also expresses the difference in products. But it does not mean that the brighter the color of stationery products, the better. Most of the brightly colored products contain heavy metals such as lead in the raw materials. The stationery cannot effectively control the proportion of harmful substances in the production process. The brighter the color. Not good for physical and mental health.

Misunderstanding 2: Import is the best business card holder

In the market, it has become a common view that "imported goods are the best business card holder". The reason is that the industry itself misleads consumers. Back in the 1980s and 1990s, the best business card holders imported from abroad were all consumers who were willing to spend high prices to buy and use, and enjoyed the consumption of best business card holders. Therefore, in most cases, imported products are products under foreign compulsory standards, and the quality must be very guaranteed. It is also the representative of the best business card holder.
       Misunderstanding 3: The wall pencil holder design is just a combination of color and pattern

At present, the industry generally separates technological innovation from product design. It is believed that technological innovation lies in the research and development of new processes and new materials, while product design is only the design creativity of product color, pattern, and color matching. In fact, stationery design includes product appearance design, product technology design, and product application design. Among them, the product appearance design includes design content such as specifications, shapes, patterns, etc. Product technical design includes product material selection, process flow, production equipment, product function and performance, product inspection methods and standards. Product application design refers to product positioning and application environment, which is very different from plane or shape. Therefore, the scope of product design is very wide, implying the requirements of technological innovation, and not only refers to graphic design.

Misunderstanding 4: Unique pencil holder patents and other empty papers.

The development of the industry in the past 30 years has itself grown and grown by introducing, imitating and improving foreign technology and equipment. Imitation and improvement have become the habit of industry development. In this environment and conditions, patented technological innovation itself is not There are fewer patented technologies with original and protective value. The patented technologies currently applied for and authorized are basically combined innovations or partial innovations, and the scope of protection for innovations is relatively narrow. What's more deadly is that many stationery companies still have a vague understanding of patents, their patent knowledge is poor, and their patent awareness is weak. Industry associations and governments should promote the orderly development of industry intellectual property rights and establish an atmosphere of mutual respect for intellectual property rights, so that the industry can develop in an orderly and sustainable manner.

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