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What are the best desk storage supplies

2020-10-26 19:15:31 zhangtq 3

What are the best desk storage and organization steps for desk storage supplies

The simple and generous desk storage is not only practical, but also very beautiful. You can purchase the corresponding desk storage according to your own preferences. It can be classified into metal desk organizers, file trays, magazine storage box, pen holders, desk letter sorter, etc...

Desk storage is very common in the market, with low cost, wide benefits, and very suitable for public use. Therefore, there are many brands on the market. Their main materials are plastic and metal. Plastic materials are prone to cracking and scratches in dry climates, while metal materials avoid this problem and will not change due to climate change.

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What are the desk storage supplies

Desk storage supplies1: metal desk organizers wire storage rack
     There will always be some very fine tools and supplies in the work area, such as small objects such as paper clips and pins, which can be placed on the iron storage rack on the desk surface, which can be used to store some commonly used small things. It can also be managed hierarchically.
Desk storage supplies 2: File trays folder
    You can put all the receipts into a fixed folder, and use tags to distinguish different categories like organizing files, such as medical, transportation, work, travel, miscellaneous, etc. After neatly coded together, it is convenient and simple to find .
Desk storage supplies 3: magazine storage box simple storage box
    There are always various pens, scissors, utility knives, calculators and other items on the desk. If they are scattered, they will make the desktop messy. Choosing a simple storage box can make things neat and easy to find during use.
Desk storage supplies 4: pen holders
    When working in office, everyone will inevitably use all kinds of pens. It is easy to feel that the desktop is cluttered when placed in a random manner, so put a unique pen holder, the desktop will become clean and beautiful, and it will also make the work more beautiful. mood.office set|mesh wire organizer|desk mesh organizer

Desk storage and finishing steps

  1. When we are busy, we are often irritable because we cannot find the items we need in time. Therefore, you need a place where you can easily search to save the trouble of looking around. For example, place an office under desk storage under the workbench, and place commonly used books, materials, and supplies here. Even if you are busy, you can get the tools you need at any time.

  2. Put all the receipts into a fixed document holder for desk, and use tags to distinguish different categories, such as transportation, work, travel, miscellaneous, etc., like organizing files, and put them together neatly, so that you can find them It will be more convenient.

  3. The wall in a small space is a treasure place for storage, you can store some small office objects that you need, and your desktop has more and more free arrangement space. At the same time, it can also become a good display space. With a magnetic signboard, you can hold some message strips or beautiful postcards. All the moments of memory are exposed in this form to make the memories of the years clearer.

  4. The terminal board is full of plugs, but it is always difficult to tell which plug is connected to which device, which is really a headache. With such a wire splitter, the corresponding device name is marked with a fixed deck classification and placed on the work surface, so there will be no mistakes in the busy.

  5. Clean desks also need to be cleaned and updated regularly. Use a wastebasket for classification, throw away useless old documents in daily life and work, to save space at all times and keep the environment clean.

  6. If you also have a hobby of collecting cute candy tin boxes, have you ever thought that it would be a waste to leave them idle like this? We can completely classify the boxes according to the size and color, and store some ribbons, buttons or business cards.

  7. No longer have to place metal desk organizers on the ground or at the root of the wall. Move them up and then up as much as possible. Use your height advantage to get the most suitable height within reach.

  8. Some tool books are always used in work, and they accumulate more and more unknowingly. The desk sorter organizer can be specially used to place books, and these books can also be placed separately according to categories and functions.

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