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Learning about the size,finish and product features of pencil holder products (the best mesh office supplies)

2020-10-26 19:31:45 zhangtq 8
    I am a new employee just entering the company. After entering the company, in order to serve customers well,
I need to spend a lot of time to understand the company's products. Today I focused on the relevant pencil holder metal and other knowledge.
   The company's pencil holder products are more conventional products among the company's many products, and there are many types,
including color pencil holders, wall mounted pen holders, metal pencil holders, fancy pen holders, custom pencil holders, pencil holder silver, etc.,
You can choose different colors of products according to their own preferences, and can also customize and transform products according to customer needs.Because I just learned about pencil holder metal, so many types of products need to be understood. When customers consult product features and sizes,
   I can quickly answer the products SIZE, FINISH, INDIVIDUAL PACKAGE, PCS/CTN, MOQ, MEASURE OF THE BOX and other information.
Desk pen holders are very widely used, and sales in Europe and the United States are particularly good. I also want to understand the customer group of the product as soon as possible, and better recommend our latest products to the customer group in need,
  such as our fancy pen this year. And pencil holders, foreign orders are very large, such popular products, I will recommend the product to as many customers as possible, so that they can also have a good sales performance, to achieve the purpose of growing together with customers.